Why We Have It Wrong

“Good is the enemy of great.” – Jim Collins.  I’ll explain why this is relevant and important shortly.  A colleague of mine who is the President of a dealer group with 30+ dealerships is known to say that nothing in the dealership happens without the sale of a vehicle. That’s where the business for the entire organization starts.  Do you agree?

As an industry, we’re still lacking the appropriate amount of support for one of the most important roles of the business.  To be clear, we don’t lack the training for sales strategies. We lack the support for the pressure, volatility and emotional rollercoaster of running a business within a business which is essentially what a sales consultant is doing. 

How much emotional, leadership, and business operations support is being provided to your sales team? If you think that this is up to the sales team, then you’re thinking like a Manager instead of a Leader.  Sir Richard Branson says that the client doesn’t come first, the team member comes first because when you effectively care for the well-being of your team, they will in turn effectively take care of your clients. Everybody wins. 

To take this one step further however, it’s the Managers responsibility to ensure the success of the sales team. But how much support is the Manager receiving from the Dealer Principal and Ownership Group? When was the last time a Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, or General Manager went to a personal development, leadership, business mastery or teamwork seminar on the companies dime? How often does or should this happen? The culture has to be one of continuous development in order to breed the professional and personal success of the entire organization. 

Nothing in the dealership happens without the sale of a vehicle.  But it all starts with the Owner, then the General Manager, then the Sales Manager, then the Sales Team.  It’s not all on the sales managers and sales team. 

How many Managers do you believe are truly great leaders? How do you know? What’s the measurement? Is there room for improvement for stronger leadership inside your organization? What’s being done about it? What are you doing about it?

A great questions to consider on a regular basis to combat settling for being good rather than great is “could you better your best? Your very best?!” I don’t mean in terms of sales volume.  I mean in terms of your own personal development, your teamwork and leadership skills. 

Ironically, what do you believe would be possible for your sales numbers when you’ve invested in yourself and your team?

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