Why Coaching Instead of Consulting

A few months ago, my Mom and Aunt were at a church service listening to inspiring stories about people who went from being lost to found.  One of the couples sharing their story had struggled financially and with alcohol and drug abuse. That was until they came across a kind, warm-hearted, and giving “angel”.  A simple conversation completely shifted the couples perspective on life and the journey to recovery and stability started.  This was over 10 years ago and to this day, they credit Don Suddaby with guiding them down the path they desperately needed to go down.  

As the tears came down my Mom and Aunt’s face, although not surprised, they were incredibly proud to hear this story about their Dad for the first time.  My grandpa passed away 10 years ago about 6 months after my grandma suddenly lost her life. It would be cliche to say that Coaching chose me, but that’s exactly how I feel.  In some way, there’s this feeling of obligation and carrying on the torch that my Grandpa left behind. My grandparents didn’t have a lot financially, but what they lacked in that area they more than made up for in support of anyone they met.

Grandpa didn’t go to the couple as the expert and tell them they needed to change and how to do it.  He knew that wouldn’t have resulted in lasting change.  Instead, he was their guide. He challenged them by asking if they were truly living their best life or if there was more in them.  Then, he held them accountable and was supportive by being there with them on the journey.  Imagine the couple sharing this story with their kids and the quality of life they are living now compared to where it could have gone.

Now, to be clear, I’m no angel and you won’t find me in a church preaching.  But if I can in some way have a positive impact on people, especially those who feel lost or are in highly stressful situations, then I can say with confidence that I’ve made Grandpa proud.  Little did I know growing up that all those one on one conversations that we had in private would serve me today. 

With my background, I could have easily chosen to advise and claim to be the expert, but it’s my belief that we already have the answers within us and it’s my mission to help extract that out of as many people that are open to it.  This is what will generate lasting change.  I’m not here to work on surface issues.  I’m here to help people get to the real reason why they need lasting change whether it’s personally or professionally.  Even if they’re a high-performer and don’t have problems, we can still work together to challenge the situation and see if there’s another level to their potential that they haven’t tapped into yet.  If this sounds like someone you know, then I ask that you reach out to them so we can start a conversation because you never know where it can lead to.

There are no second chances.  This is it.  

Why not get curious and see what we’re truly capable of?

You got this!


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