The Value of Credibility

Would you hire an obese fitness trainer? Do you have someone in your circle who preaches positivity but is actually quite negative to be around? Or do you have someone that has all the answers for your problems yet they can’t seem to get their life together? 

I see on LinkedIn posts of business professionals who are preaching hard work, but hard work goes further than the office – it’s not reserved for 9-5 Monday to Friday.  It trickles into your personal life with the appropriate habits, discipline and routines. It’s difficult to take the hard work advice from someone who appears to eat fast food and pizza 7 days a week, and the last time they put on a pair of running shoes was likely for grade 6 gym class. Like the fitness trainer, it would be hard for the business professional to implement hard work or discipline into the culture when the team sees someone who doesn’t represent what he or she is preaching. 

Before becoming an accredited ICF Performance Coach – the Gold Standard of Coaching, I knew coaches who were metaphorically the business professional, obese trainer, or friend who preaches positivity but is actually negative. Essentially, they were claiming to have the skillset to get your life together when in reality they didn’t have theirs together. This is what gives coaching a bad name. It’s not that as Coaches we need to be living the perfect life, but we should be at the very least progressing towards our ideal life because you can’t take a client any deeper than we have gone ourselves. Life is full of adversity, moments of getting stuck, and times of feeling empty even when we’re ‘successful’. 

I’ve hit rock bottom – living on soup crackers and tap water, I’ve been incredibly insecure, I’ve been fired, I’ve micro-managed a team instead of properly leading them, I’ve also been ego driven instead of a team player, and I’ve had professional success but struggled personally.  I was told by a 30+ year successful business owner that at the age of 27 I had been through a lifetimes worth of adversity and that if I could get through what I had gone through that I will get through anything moving forward. Now, seven years later, I can attest to that.  I’m living virtually stress free, I’ve created a life that I’m in control of and I’m grateful for every day. There are no bad days, seriously.  There are moments of struggle, frustration, annoyance, but I’m able to control these moments and not let them escalate. 

Creating a life and the person that I am today required, and continues to require, an insane amount of discipline and dedication to everlasting development. It requires me to be a student to life even more than being a teacher. Malcolm Gladwell said that it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert at something, I’ve invested well over 10,000 hours in financial intelligence, performance coaching courses, creating healthy habits, researching successful entrepreneurs, reading, writing, leadership, parenting, and everything else related to personal development.  But there is still room for improvement so I don’t consider myself an expert. The point is, when I offer Performance Coaching through ReThinkU, it’s with the appropriate amount of credibility. 

It’s important to know that even though I have 10,000+ hours invested in development, it doesn’t mean that I’m the expert of your life, you are.  I’m here to help you realize that there is something special inside of you, waiting to be discovered, and the potential within is ready to grow. Together we will navigate and extract all that is there, to give you the best possible YOU there is! Imagine living stress free, creating a life that you’re in control of, improving your habits so that you make the right decisions habitually, and continuously closing the gap from who and where you are, to who and where you want to be. That’s what we help you do at ReThinkU Performance Coaching.  Remember, you always have the choice to make this a great life, you got this!

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