The Top 6 Unexpected Benefits of Coaching

When I talk about being an ICF accredited Performance Coach with others, I typically get the same reaction as I did when I first started as a Car Salesman which you may be able to relate to. This underwhelming & skeptical look comes over their face.  Quite frankly, I don’t blame them.  It’s the same feeling I had about salespeople before becoming one.  This feeling changed however once I understood what it took to be successful in sales.  In my experience, it wasn’t about being able to sell ice to an eskimo – which is what I thought being great as sales was – it was more about how I showed up and was able to serve others.


With Coaching, it’s kind of like a car salesman or even a financial advisor, where it seems as though there is no standard to label yourself as one and anyone can do it.  This creates an understandably negative perception on the majority of the industry. But, like salespeople or financial advisors, there are great ones out there who hold themselves to a higher standard.  This is my goal with Performance Coaching and the reason why I became professionally certified – to rise above the negative noise and become the Performance Coach for automotive professionals.   It’s important to note that I’m not looking for the most clients, but rather the right clients.

Here are the top 6 unexpected benefits 1 year after becoming an ICF Performance Coach:


1. It’s developed my leadership skills which in turn has made me a better parent

2. More personal accountability which has led to improved productivity

3. Less reactive to situations which has led to better decision making and control over my emotions

4. A collection of invaluable evergreen resources that I use and share with my family & team

5. Increased motivation and energy levels through improved clarity and purpose

6. A massive reduction in stress which has led to improved performance both personally and professionally


Jeff Bezos says the true secret to business success is to focus on the things that won’t change, not the things that will.  In the automotive industry there will always be new sales strategies from sales “experts”, the buying experience will continue to evolve, the way we market will change, and so on.


What won’t change?


The importance of leadership, consistently showing up with a positive and growth mindset, culture, teamwork, and overall personal performance which is directly correlated to professional performance.


Being able to effectively communicate, coach, and lead current and future generations won’t ever change and will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long-term.  In order to effectively lead others however, we must first know how to effectively lead ourselves.  We tend to only see the next 30 days in the automotive industry rather than look at the long game.  We must start looking at long-term investments in ourselves if we want to realize our potential and improve the perception on our profession.


When we focus our efforts on what won’t change, we can work with confidence knowing that our time and financial investment will pay dividends in the years to come regardless of where our industry goes and how much it changes.


The added benefit to focusing on what won’t change is what it will do in your personal life as well.


You got this!


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