The Imposter Syndrome

Have you or are you suffering from the imposter syndrome?

Success can happen fast in the auto industry. The path from top Salesperson or F&I to Sales Management to General Management is a common one. It seems as though somewhere along the way most dealers put leadership development to the side when it must be at the forefront.

We rush people into these leadership positions and with good intentions plan on developing them throughout their career, but how often are they properly developed?

In the meantime, they can suffer from the imposter syndrome…

Does any of this sound familiar:

“What if people find out I’m not qualified for this?”

“I’m too young to be in this position”

“I don’t deserve this pay check”

“I have to prove I’m the best to show I’m qualified”

“I’m terrified of failing and chance being demoted”

“I can’t ask for help, I’m the leader of the team”

“That top salesperson is a threat to my sales management position”

This all leads to anxiety, fear, stress, and even depression. How can someone effectively lead with these anchors holding them back?

The deeper sense of “I am enough” the more you will accomplish.

If you’ve been extraordinarily successful but underneath it have that sense of “I’m an imposter and I’ll be found out”, then you and I need to have a conversation.


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