We all seek growth, personally and professionally. What I’ve come to understand is that growth in a business isn’t measured by ROI alone. There is a secondary and arguably even more important measurement which is the VOI.


ROI (Return on Investment) is the financial return on an investment.


VOI (Value on Investment) is clearly more difficult to measure because it’s based on the intangible assets that contribute heavily to your dealership’s performance.


VOI can include:

– Increased clarity which leads to lasting intrinsic motivation

– Habit Development – Stress Reduction

– Mindfulness Improvement

– Time Management Capitalization

– Productivity Maximization

– Perception Shifts which leads to new beliefs

– Self-Leadership Growth which also leads to increased professional performance

– Positive & Sustainable Momentum


How would any or all of the above list of values help in your personal life and with your business?

What is that worth to you?

Consider what would be possible for you, both personally and professionally, with intentional focus on the intangibles.

You got this!


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