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Reviews from Amazon

Fun and Interesting AND Practical Advice! 

I have this book in paperback and ebook…and I’m going to get the audio version! It’s so hard to find books that address the unique challenges of auto sales, this is that book. A fun and interesting read that’s filled with practical advice and resources. Will it help you sell more cars? Sure! But, more importantly, it will teach you how to do it AND enjoy yourself while you’re doing it. Loved it, reading it for the third time!

A great read. Easy to follow and insightful. 

I read through the eBook a few weeks ago, and now I have a paperback copy so I can take notes and as I re-read it. Rather than focusing on tricks and hacks that ‘might’ make someone better at selling, this book creatively reframes methods for finding balance in your whole life, getting you through the tough times in sales, and making you a stronger person in general. I’m certainly better off for having read this book!

Summarized years of business wisdom
Blake and Erin

One of the things I like most about the book was how it pulled from so many different authors and summarizes fantastic business practices. Tons of really honest and tangible best business practices.