Differences in Professional Coaching

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none…” which is why I sought out to niche ReThinkU and be the Performance Coach for Automotive Industry Leaders.

There is a massive difference between a self-proclaimed “Coach” who is yet to be professionally certified but somehow has been able to master all forms of Coaching – as well as Consulting, and an ICF accredited Performance Coach.

Performance coaches are highly sought after by business owners, managers, executives, athletes, and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their skills to the next level.

Here is what Performance Coaching has to offer… 

Performance coaching fills the gap in the ability to see blind spots, provides strategic planning for achieving goals and offers additional accountability as you stretch yourself beyond what you feel is possible.

Implementing research-backed tools to help become laser focused in a specific area of your business, life or personal wellness, Performance Coaching is specific in its end game – helping to become the ideal version of oneself.

Performance Coaching for Dealer Principals and Managers achieves a fulfilling balance between professional goals and personal development.

Working with a Performance Coach can help you to:

– Overcome mental roadblocks to achieving your true potential

– Set and achieve practical, achievable goals

– Develop new skills and strategies

– Maximize your strengths

– Increase your mental resilience

– Identify your true wants, needs and desires

– Improve your emotional intelligence and communication with others

– Drive your  team towards success

– Address and overcome negative behaviour and patterns

– Create better habits to achieve your goals


It’s important to distinguish all forms of Professional Coaching which you can find here.

You got this!


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