ReThink Selling

Why You Only Know 20% of Sales

“You don’t have to be in sales to get the most out of this book. If you’re feeling lost, trapped, stuck, or just plain average, but you know you have more in you, then this will serve as an evergreen “how-to” guide to get you playing at a rockstar level.

I hated . . . well, strongly disliked, salespeople. Sleezy, greasy, slimy, and dishonest were words that came to mind with the profession. It wasn’t until I accidentally stumbled into the automotive industry that I changed my perception. In 6 years I went from sales to ownership with no experience, no connections in the industry, no cell phone for the first year and a half, and I still don’t have a Facebook account.

What separated me from others? I ignored the majority of traditional sales strategies and shifted my focus to developing myself, my brand, and my business. This has led me to own 3 companies, being recognized as one of the top Automotive Professionals in North America, and to writing this book.

It is my hope that you lean on ReThink Selling as a constant resource for yourself and share it with those you know would find value in it as well.” – Brandin Wilkinson

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“Brandin Wilkinson is a great automotive success story that proves effort, skill and determination, not just family pedigree, can propel you to realize your dreams in this industry. The thoughts he reveals in ‘ReThink Selling’ around motivation, preparation and persistence read like a step-by-step guide for young automotive and sales executives who feel they are destined for greatness in the car business and beyond.

If you need a practical example of where work ethic can get you, read this book.”

– Jackson Hayes, Editor Canadian AutoWorld

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“ReThink Selling is a worthwhile and easy read for anyone considering a career in sales or sales management.  And, will serve as a good reminder to those who have already established themselves in those careers.  While the stories are particularly relevant to the automotive industry, the principles within can be applied to any sales or management position.  I found it easy to read, compelling and useful.”

– Michael Croxon, President & CEO, The NewRoads Automotive Group

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“Selling is far more than you think, and Brandin Wilkinson brilliantly outlines the rest of the story in ReThink Selling.  Every page is packed with timeless, life-changing ideas.  It’s simple, profound and practical. And I highly recommend it!”

– James Muir, CEO, Best Practice International and bestselling author of The Perfect Close

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“The insights and tools that Brandin shares on how to perform at the highest level gives each of us the opportunity to execute when we put our minds to it. A must read for anyone who wants to make their mark as a rockstar leader and inspire others.”

 – Miranda Pyette, Miranda Pyette Consulting