A Story About Intuition

I’m going to put you in my shoes as a 28 year old on April 15th, 2013: I’m recently fired (long story), lost 6 years of client data so I’m essentially starting from scratch, and looking for work, it’s 8:30am on a Monday. I get 2 phone calls and needed to make a decision. Option #1 Go to a dealership...Read More

Effective Timing

How effective timing is the missing link to your social media marketing strategy INSTAGRAM: Sunday @ 5:00pm / Monday @ 7:00pm / Tuesday @ 10:00pm / Wednesday @ 5:00pm / Thursday @ 7:00am / Friday @ 1:00am / Saturday @ 2:00am The peak level of engagement of all-times is Wednesday @ 5:00pm Remember to...Read More

Perennial Resource Kit

85 Essential Resources and 7 Apps That Are a Must Have! SALES TRAINING Who to follow; 1) Anthony Iannarino 2) Aaron Sansoni 3) Gary Vaynerchuk Books to Read; 4) SPIN Selling – Neil Rackam 5) How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie 6) The Greatest Salesman in the World – Og Mandino Sa...Read More

The 3PM Rule

When I wrote my first book “ReThink Selling: Why You Only Know 20% of Sales” I was pleasantly surprised with the positive feedback and support I received from people across various industries. One of the most popular chapters in the book was about developing and sustaining momentum. There is a formu...Read More