The Imposter Syndrome

Have you or are you suffering from the imposter syndrome? Success can happen fast in the auto industry. The path from top Salesperson or F&I to Sales Management to General Management is a common one. It seems as though somewhere along the way most dealers put leadership development to the side w...Read More

Why Environment Matters

Do you have your awards sitting on the shelf behind you in your office? Are they individual awards or dealership awards? If they are dealership awards, who are you showing the awards off to? Clients? Vendors? Yourself? What kind of message do you believe you are sending to your team by having the aw...Read More

Why We Have It Wrong

“Good is the enemy of great.” – Jim Collins.  I’ll explain why this is relevant and important shortly.  A colleague of mine who is the President of a dealer group with 30+ dealerships is known to say that nothing in the dealership happens without the sale of a vehicle. That’s where the busines...Read More

From the Fairway to the Office; How Golf and Business Relate

Jake Knapp flushed another 3 iron up the middle of the 17th fairway in the final round with a one stroke lead on his playing partner, and one of his best friends, Jonathan Garrick. Jonathan was lighting it up on the back nine going 4 under to that point and putting the pressure on Jake. No question ...Read More

Goal Setting vs Progression

I have a $100 bill for a bookmark.  When I’m on a plane reading a book, there’s this look of curiosity and probably some form of crazy that comes from the person sitting next to me or the flight attendant.  Sometimes they’ll say “oh it must be nice to have a $100 bill for a bookmark” which I’ll smil...Read More

The Value of Credibility

Would you hire an obese fitness trainer? Do you have someone in your circle who preaches positivity but is actually quite negative to be around? Or do you have someone that has all the answers for your problems yet they can’t seem to get their life together?  I see on LinkedIn posts of business prof...Read More

How to 5x Your Productivity

Have you ever played sports and experienced a state of ease where everything seemed to happen naturally without a lot of forced thought or effort? It could have been your lowest golf round, highest scoring hockey game, or even a runners high – the same can happen in business and sales. Flow, a...Read More

9 Step Goal Setting Plan

I personally find that 3-month goals are more effective than annual or long-term goals. An added tool that you can use that has proven effective for me is to create a visual for your goals. For example: If a goal of yours is a material item or experience such as a luxury vacation, then put a pict...Read More

10-Step Guide to Discovering Your Intrinsic Motivation

First, we should define Intrinsic Motivation. It involves engaging in a behaviour because it is personally rewarding. Essentially, performing an activity for its own sake rather than the desire for some external reward. The behaviour itself is its own reward. Extrinsic motivation would be competing ...Read More