How to 5x Your Productivity

Have you ever played sports and experienced a state of ease where everything seemed to happen naturally without a lot of forced thought or effort? It could have been your lowest golf round, highest scoring hockey game, or even a runners high – the same can happen in business and sales. Flow, a...Read More

Life Coach vs Performance Coach

Here is an excerpt from Performance Coach University explaining the difference between a Life Coach and a Performance Coach… “Though there is much overlap, we wanted to break down the key differences between life coaching and performance coaching. We will also share with you why performance co...Read More

9 Step Goal Setting Plan

I personally find that 3-month goals are more effective than annual or long-term goals. An added tool that you can use that has proven effective for me is to create a visual for your goals. For example: If a goal of yours is a material item or experience such as a luxury vacation, then put a pict...Read More

10-Step Guide to Discovering Your Intrinsic Motivation

First, we should define Intrinsic Motivation. It involves engaging in a behaviour because it is personally rewarding. Essentially, performing an activity for its own sake rather than the desire for some external reward. The behaviour itself is its own reward. Extrinsic motivation would be competing ...Read More

A Story About Intuition

I’m going to put you in my shoes as a 28 year old on April 15th, 2013: I’m recently fired (long story), lost 6 years of client data so I’m essentially starting from scratch, and looking for work, it’s 8:30am on a Monday. I get 2 phone calls and needed to make a decision. Option #1 Go to a dealership...Read More

Effective Timing

How effective timing is the missing link to your social media marketing strategy INSTAGRAM: Sunday @ 5:00pm / Monday @ 7:00pm / Tuesday @ 10:00pm / Wednesday @ 5:00pm / Thursday @ 7:00am / Friday @ 1:00am / Saturday @ 2:00am The peak level of engagement of all-times is Wednesday @ 5:00pm Remember to...Read More

Perennial Resource Kit

85 Essential Resources and 7 Apps That Are a Must Have! SALES TRAINING Who to follow; 1) Anthony Iannarino 2) Aaron Sansoni 3) Gary Vaynerchuk Books to Read; 4) SPIN Selling – Neil Rackam 5) How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie 6) The Greatest Salesman in the World – Og Mandino Sa...Read More

The 3PM Rule

When I wrote my first book “ReThink Selling: Why You Only Know 20% of Sales” I was pleasantly surprised with the positive feedback and support I received from people across various industries. One of the most popular chapters in the book was about developing and sustaining momentum. There is a formu...Read More

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